Thursday, October 13, 2005

Still Chicago, but a little bit more indie.

I've just recently started reading Essential Cinema: On the Necessity of Film Canons by Jonathan Rosenbaum and, well, I'm impressed. Mr. Rosenbaum has, with a stroke of his pen, dethroned Roger Ebert and taken his place as my favorite film critic. I don't always agree with him (compare his review of Nashville with mine), but he has an attention to detail that I feel Ebert lacks. Specifically, he confronts not just the narrative elements of film, but the audiovisual aspects, as well.

Like Ebert, Rosenbaum is a Chicago-based critic, but he writes for the the more alternative paper The Chicago Reader, while Ebert writes for the decidedly mainstream Chicago Sun-Times. I'm far from being an indie snob, so I don't hold Ebert's mainstream character against him, but it does say a bit about the audience he writes for. Meanwhile, Rosenbaum has more of an academic bent to his writing; he approaches film as an art, rather than just as a hobby.

I apologize if this post is less than articulate. I haven't eaten anything all day (3 guesses as to my religion!).


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