Sunday, August 28, 2005

In Brief

The Brothers Grimm

I'm disappointed to hear such lukewarm reviews about this movie. I'm even more disappointed that, judging by the trailer, I'm not in the slightest inclined to disagree with them. Terry Gilliam is a rather hit-or-miss director, but when he's on, he's on. In addition to the Monty Python movies, he absolutely excelled with Brazil and Twelve Monkeys, two of my favorite films. I'm sad to see him come up with such a misfire. The only thing that saves this production for me is the inherent humor in its misguided effort to make Heath Ledger like bookish.

The Aristocrats

I've seen this one and all I have to say is: that's some funny shit.

The Constant Gardener

I haven't seen this one yet, but I will. Both Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz are beautiful, talented, and versatile actors and Fernando Meirelles has proven himself to be a director with incredible talent and vision in his breakout film City of God, which depicts life in a major Brazilian slum, and I have a feeling that he hasn't even begun to fully realize his potential.

Pretty Persuasion

This movie has received lukewarm reviews all across the board, but I am nonetheless drawn to it. The indienerd appeal of Ron Livingston (Office Space), the solid B-movie history of James Woods (Vampires, The Getaway, The Way We Were), and the real-life grit and sexuality of Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen) are just too much for me to turn my back on. My hopes are high, but my expectations are low.


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