Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New York City Movie

I've always liked Edward Hopper's paintings; they embrace a certain solitary introspection that I identify with. I recently came across this painting again and thought it would go well on this page, in terms of both tone and color scheme.


Blogger illya said...

Steve, you've always been good at color coordination—I like that about you. I haven't always liked Edward Hopper, but I do now, and that's what matters. He's very American, and I hope that will be reflected on your blog—no foreign films, ok? I'm kidding of course. But since I can't comment on any of the movies you've reviewed (the only two I've seen—Annie Hall and Suspicion—I don't remember...), I thought I'd comment on the art. Isn't it a weird composition, with a blank wall in the middle of the frame? It reminds me (bringing it back to film after all) of the bleachers-pan shot in Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet: the introspective, solitary main character separating himself from the spectacle and the spectating public by the very architecture of the arena built to enable the spectation. In both cases, it seems that the main character projects an active disinterest in whatever scene is being played out—if we can extrapolate from Hamlet, perhaps even a disgust. Is that how you feel, Steve?

July 30, 2005 6:44 AM  

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